"Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry" "Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry" Decentralize finance "Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry"

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Ambler – Blue Bell – Conshohocken – Fort Washington – King of Prussia – Media – Montgomeryville – Norristown – Plymouth Meeting – Wayne – Villanova

How To Buy

Click Buy Bitcoin

Chose buy range for your transaction

Step 1

Click the Buy range in which you plan to buy Bitcoin

*Usual ranges are $0-$500, $500-$1000 and $1000+

*Always assure to choose the correct range to avoid any purchase delays.

Scan your wallet

BTC will be sent to scanned wallet address

Step 2

Using your mobile phone, scan your Bitcoin wallet

*Always use only your personal Bitcoin wallet

*Never buy Bitcoins for third parties (anyone other than yourself) Never attempt to pay bills using the Bitcoin ATM

Insert Cash

Click Done and BTC will be on its way

Step 3

Insert cash into the Bitcoin ATM and Click Done.

*Inserted amount of cash will display on the screen as well as the amount of BTC which you will receive in return

*Keep the printed receipt as your proof of purchase

Decentralized Money

Bitcoin and the blockchain technology it was introduced alongside in 2008 has transformed the way the world will look at money.  A completely decentralized, global system of exchange that relies on no one (and everyone) to ensure the safe, fair and rapid transfer of money to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

The utility of Bitcoin and its store of value in inflationary times has led many to compare it to digital gold and the investment returns from its early adopters have dwarfed returns from all other assets classes over the past 10 years.

Safeguarding your Bitcoin

Once you have purchased Bitcoin, keeping them secure and accessible is critical. Bitcoin is unique among financial assets in that it is truly yours and the responsibility to safeguard it rests solely with you. Forgotten keys or passwords means your BTC will be lost forever. Learning about proper storage in a mobile or hardware wallet and ensuring that any substantial sums held are kept safe from potential bad actors is critical. 

Find A Location

Ambler – Blue Bell – Conshohocken – Plymouth Meeting – Media – Montgomeryville – Norristown – King of Prussia – Wayne – Villanova

Costa Deli of Ambler
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Costa Deli is a proud Ambler tradition since 1950.  Serving amazing meats, Italian specialty foods and desserts.  Open 7 days a week for dine-in / take-out.

Location Photo

Bitcoin ATM map

A. Piermani & Sons
A. Piermani & Sons is a Conshohocken institution – serving beer to the community since 1947.  Known throughout the Philadelphia region for its huge beer selection and incredible customer service, A. Piermani is open 7 days a week. Location Photo Bitcoin ATM map
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Bitcoin FAQ

There are no limits to how much BTC you can buy or sell on the machine. For larger transactions, we will need to clear you and raise your limit. This can be accomplished directly at the machine during your purchase

Transactions are broadcast immediately. To see Bitcoin in your wallet usually, it takes only a few minutes, depending on how busy the Bitcoin network is. There are rare occasions where this may take longer. Refreshing your wallet may be needed. Websites, especially, may not recognize a payment until the transaction confirms (10-30 minutes later, usually) even though they have technically received the bitcoin. You can verify if your transaction has been sent by checking your address on a block explorer like BlockCypher

Depending the amount you intend to buy, different requirements must be fulfilled.  For $0-500 of purchases, nothing is needed.  For purchases of $500-$1000, you will be required to verify via SMS message to your phone.  Transactions larger than $1,000 will require a photo of your state-issued ID taken by the kiosk camera.

The ATM will print out paper wallets for immediate use, but having a mobile or digital wallet of your own is highly recommended.